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Are you looking for debt counselling Gauteng? If you struggle to pay off debts without enough money to cover basic living costs you may be over-indebted.

When you are in the depths of a personal credit crisis, it can feel like your entire life is falling apart. All your income must go to paying off your credit debt, and even though you are doing the best that you can, you must endure constant harassment and threats from your creditors.

If you have reached your breaking point and you are at risk of facing legal action from your creditors, it is time to consider debt review.

Debt Counseling Centre has helped thousands of people like yourself to regain control over their debt payments and achieve financial freedom one and for all.

Debt Counselling Gauteng

Debt counselling or debt review is a formal debt relief program for South Africans who are struggling to pay off their credit debt while preserving enough money to cover their basic needs like water, housing, electricity, and food. If you are legally over-indebted, you may be eligible for debt review.

How do we do it at debt Counselling Centre?

Our strategy is simple but effective

What to expect from Debt Counselling Gauteng?

Once you have decided to apply for debt review the process is straightforward. There are 3 main stages.


  1. Contact one of our accredited debt counselors
  2. Fill out and submit the debt review application form
  3. Submit your financial information like income, expenses, and debt
  4. If your debt counselor determines that you are genuinely over-indebted, they will proceed to stage 2

Restructuring and Negotiation

  1. The debt counselor will develop a restructured payment plan for your credit debt; typically, the plan will include a combination of extended payment periods, reduced monthly installments, and lower interest rates
  2. Negotiation of restructured plan with your creditors
  3. Approval from creditors and/or court
  4. Implementation of the new payment plan

Payment and completion

  1. You pay your monthly credit debt according to the new terms in the restructured payment plan
  2. When you have successfully paid off all your credit you will be exited from the debt review program
  3. You will be able to take out credit again, and your poor credit history will be erased

Why Debt Counselling Centre?

Professionalism. Expertise. Care.

At debt review Gauteng, we care deeply about the well-being of our clients and want to see them succeed. Our team of professional debt counselors are tirelessly devoted to helping you meet our debt obligations and to take back control of your finances.

We are highly knowledgeable about consumer credit rights, allowing us to successfully advocate for you and protect you from exploitative creditors.

Ready to work with us?

Contact us today for debt counselling services in Gauteng to speak with a qualified debt counselor.

The Debt

Review Company