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Our Debt Solutions

We help you create a financially healthy life, step by step.

Debt Counselling

Helps if you are debt-stressed by reviewing your budget and re-arranging the payments — saving you money.

Debt Consolidation

Converts your debts into one, more affordable payment. Reduce interest costs and unlock cash-flow.

Credit Monitoring

Get your Credit Report, view your score and track your payments as often as you like. Free!

Benefits of Debt Counselling

Tailored payment structure to suit your individual needs
No more garnishees
Pay off your debts in a reasonable time
One affordable monthly instalment
Reduced debt instalments
Reduced interest rates by consent of creditor
Have sufficient funds for living expenses
Credit Providers must communicate with your Debt Counselor, not you
You will be Legally protected against your creditors
Legally clear your “blacklisting” by getting a clearance certificate

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The Debt Review Process

Complete the Assessment Form

Fill in the Assessment form on the website. It will take a few short minutes and give us some of the information we need to assist you.


We conduct an obligation-free assessment of your debt to determine your debt status and how to best structure your finances.

Debt Review

You are placed under debt review. Your creditors and the relevant bureaus will be informed that you are under debt review. Your loans are consolidated into one online with a better interest rate that we negotiate on your behalf, which will allow you to pay less overall.


Our lawyers will handle the application to the court to make your payment plan a court order. You will now be protected from other creditors and only have to worry about the one payment.


During debt review process, you will be pay less interest for your consolidated debt. This means more money to pay for your expenses and you are now on your way to being debt-free.

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See What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Since I started working and earned my salary, I was so excited that did not realise I was also taking out too many loans. It got to a stage where I needed more and more loans to pay my current ones. I came across DebtBusters, who managed to lower my payments so that I can afford to pay back my debts every month. I have learned a valuable lesson now and I am better because of them. Thank you DebtBusters.


My wife and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. I was mainly to be blamed for the debt we found ourselves in. I opened up a business, took loans for the capital and when things did not work out we were in deep trouble. We were depressed and emotionally drained. DebtBusters brought peace into our lives and probably saved our marriage in the process. I will never forget what you have done for me and my family!

Anthony & Katy-

When my sister died I was the surety on her debts, I needed help getting all the debt I now had sorted out. I found DCGsa through the newspaper and I knew I was at the right place when I went into their East London office for my assessment, because everyone treated me with such dignity and very professionally. I am debt free now and I can breath!


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The Debt

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